What do plants give us?

Our inquiries have continued with research, problem solving at collaboration at the heart of them. We have been finding out more about what plants give us and, as we research together, the findings have been initially surprising, before they are discussed and the connections are made. The children wrote their initial thoughts about what plants give us in grey pencil in the centre. After some research and sharing knowledge and ideas, the returned to their posters and added new ideas in red. Theu could see instantly how much they had gained from collaborating and researching. We’ll return to this again as we continue inquiring….

plants give us

What time is it?

“We all wanted to know more about telling the time. We could be more independent and self-directed if we could. Some people knew how to read the clock so we learned from each other – we collaborated. We have been practicing at home too!”


Thank you Miss Claire!

This year, we have been lucky enough to have a student teacher from the ISM High School ‘Teacher Apprentice’ Program. Claire was with us twice a week for most of our year and was a committed, enthusiastic and very helpful member of our class community. We would all like to say thank you to Claire and wish her well as she heads to the US to start her time in College. Thank you!


Where did you get that hat….?

“Today we all got new hats from the PTA. That means Parent Teacher Association. Some parents help out the school by doing lots of things like the Family Fun Day, the Father and Daugther Dance, The Book Fair and other things. They wanted to give everyone a gift, so we got awesome red hats with our names on them. They will be useful for recess when we need a hat to be safe in the sun. We wrote letters to say thank you and to practice writing more! Thank you!”



We had some reasons to measure today. Some claims were made we had to prove if they were true or not…. An example was: “Ms Maricel says that the curved table is longer than the plant table near the door. Is this true? Prove it!” We have to think of effective and reliable tools for measuring and collaborate with our partners.

measuring 2 measuring

Flipping numbers…

In this game we¬†had to show understanding of the fact families. Fact Families show two addition equations and two subtraction equations. We showed the connections between the three numbers at the top. As always, we asked each other “how do you know?” so that our partners would explain their thinking!

flipping numbers




“After our field trip to buy the plants, we made terrariums! A tarrarium is a mini garden. We researched by finding a video and then made tools to care for our plants. We got our jars and then added rocks at the bottom to help take the water away and not soak the plant. Then we added soil and the plant. We added moss on top and stone s to decorate it. It look so good. We are going to see how it grows and what changes each day. We will also research the palnt and see when to water it and where to leave it.”

terrariums 2 terrariums


Fastelavn – an exciting Danish Tradition!

As a follow up to our inquiries into celebrations and traditions, we we lucky enough to get to learn about Fastelavn. Peter and his family told us about what happens in Denmark to get rid of bad luck! We had to try to break the barrel with a bad, just like a piniata, and release the cats inside. We used paper cats and confetti instead of real cats like they did a long time ago! We also learned that the first two people to break the barrel are named the King and Queen and get to wear crowns!

Thank you so much to Peter’s dad for bringing the barrel from Denmark and to Peter’s mom for helping us decorate the barrel, make the cats and learn the songs!


danish 3 Danish tradition 2 Danish tradition denmark 4 denmark 5